Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ghost Rider and Jonah Hex

Ghost Rider and Jonah Hex are a couple of venerable comic stars who have had their reputations tarnished by sub-par theatrical appearances.  It will probably be a while before we see either of them in a live action format again.  Hopefully it will not be forever though, they are cool characters who deserve a proper treatment.


Anonymous said...

I liked the first ghost rider movie but the second was meh. And don't get me started about the Jonah Hex movie.

Bob Greenwade said...

The above Anonymous writer pretty much summed up my feelings about the films (except that I haven't yet seen the second GR film). Of course I also enjoyed the GL and Daredevil films, and would have liked the Catwoman one if not for the tenuous tie-in with the DC Comics character, so there's a bit of perspective for you.

That aside, I think it might have been interesting to team Jonah up with the original Ghost Rider.

Deliha said...

Marvel/Disney currently have the rights back for Ghost Rider. I would love to see them put The Defenders together with Dr. Strange, Ghost Rider, Gargoyle, Black Cat, Son of Satan.

pblfsda said...

@Deliha: I'm not sure the name "Son Of Satan" would play in the South the way it did in the 70's. Even calling him "Daimon Hellstrom" might be problematic, as evidenced by whatever market research turned "Hellblazer" into "Constantine" for movies and TV long before it changed for the comics and trades.

Otherwise, good cast. Gargoyle would provide a strength-gifted character while the Hulk is otherwise occupied. Similarly, Black Cat would be easier to explain than Hellcat. However, the Netflix titles are expected to converge into a Defenders feature, unless those plans have changed over the summer.

Anonymous said...

As always great cover.

Jonah Hex the next 'man on the wall'. Nick Fury has found his replacement.
Have those two ever met up here?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Nick Cage's first go-round as GR was way better than the JONAH HEX movie.

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