Friday, October 10, 2014

Green Arrow and Hawkeye in "Target Practice!"

Arrow had it's season premiere yesterday and it looks to be a fun season.  The flashback sequences have changed from the island and we were introduced to the future Katana.  In the present day scenes, the future Atom showed up as well.  Watching Oliver and Roy work as a functional team was nice to see at last as well.  Between Arrow, Gotham and The Flash, DC has got some great TV programming right now.  Hopefully Constantine will continue the trend.


Anonymous said...

raven and red raven or falcon also firestar and firestorm would like the tick in dc universe or marvel universe the assassin and punisher or james bond or darkman

Anonymous said...

I just hope Constantine doesn't wind up being counter-programmed against CBS' Tuesday night line-up. Because, Fox made that mistake with the Flash!

I'm never changing channels on NCIS, NCISLA, or PERSON OF INTEREST. Not even for Barry Allen.

Anonymous said...

Now why the hell couldn't they have made Hawkeye look like this in the Avengers movies!?

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