Friday, October 24, 2014

Shogun Warriors and ROM

I never did have a ROM action figure growing up, but my brothers and I definitely had some Shogun Warriors, and I fondly remember them. I used to love how they had spring loaded action which you could use to shoot off their fists, we would have some fun battles.  They weren't as sturdily designed as my Micronauts toys, but they made up for it with their impressive size. God times, good times.


Anonymous said...

I had a Shogun Warrıor. I don't remember hıs name but he was the one that you could shoot hıs fıst and also small mıssles from hıs (chest?) I thınk. Of course I lost all 6 mıssles wıthın a month.

David Welsh said...

That would make a fun movie. Better than Transformers films.

Anonymous said...

The Marvel Comics adventures of Rom and the Shogun Warriors, during the Eighties, lasted longer than the Hasbro toy lines.


Brother Kellymatthew Barnes said...

All I can say is BITCHIN!

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