Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Steel and War Machine

Has enough time passed for John Henry Irons to get another chance at live action?  I don't know, that Shaq Steel movie is a tough hurdle to overcome.  Perhaps he could appear as a supporting character in then upcoming Supergirl TV series.


AirDave said...

Brilliant! Genius, sheer genius!

Hey, where's Rhoadey been since Iron Man 3? MIA? I think he and Falcon should get some more serious screen time in Avengers 2 and Captain America 3

Ross said...

Well, Cap 3 just got more crowded with the addition of Iron Man, so who knows?

Bob Greenwade said...

These aren't just two power-suited heroes, nor two African-American powers-suited heroes. They're African-American men who temporarily took over the mantle of long-established white heroes when said white heroes were unavailable, then went on to become respected heroes in their own right -- and deservedly so.

In fact, even without the troops and air support, I'd say they have the Russians hopefully outnumbered.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Danny Glover or Laurence Fishburne could play him (Steel) in a bigger-budgeted feature film?Seeing as how Fox is enjoying so much acclaim for GOTHAM, and NBC might soon be doing the same, re: CONSTANTINE.

pblfsda said...

@Anon: Fishburne possibly. (God, that's all Samuel L. Jackson needs now. It's bad enough idiots keep confusing him and Fishburne, wait until they're both playing comic book characters.) He might have to wear a girdle but he already resembles most artists' take on Irons and he could easily play an engineer dealing with super-heroics. Danny Glover, however, convincingly played a character who said "I'm getting too old for this sh--" about twenty years ago. He's nearly seventy. Maybe he could play Cyborg's father or a retired Amazing Man or something, but Steel, even in capture CGI, is asking a little too much.

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