Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wonder Woman and Miss America

There's a station where I live that carries the original Wonder Woman TV series, and I have been catching a few episodes lately.  I was just a bit too young when the show first aired, so I don't recall watching very much of it back in the 70's.  I have to admit it is cheesy fun to see it now.  Lynda Carter is very easy on the eyes and she played the character with charming sincerity and strength.  In a time when other superhero shows were laughing at their characters, she did comicdom's premiere super-heroine proud.


Anonymous said...

The first season of Wonder Woman is terrific, during the time when she was fighting Nazis in WW2. The series jumps ahead to the modern era 70s and those episodes are often very cheesy. But Lynda Carter always makes the show watchable.

Jerod said...

Flawless. This is such a good mash-up.

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