Friday, May 2, 2014

Doctor Mid-Nite, The Falcon and Birdman

I think that is a superhero is going to have an animal mascot, a bird is the best way to go.  They're great for providing reconnaissance or passing on information. I also like the idea of heroes having a psychic bond with their avian companions, so that they can see what the bird sees as it flies ahead of them.  It might be fun to get a bunch of these bird-loving heroes for an action packed tale.


AirDave said...

Nice theme.
As much as I loved Infinity, Inc., the updates for Wildcat, Doctor Midnight and Hourman were just okay.

The Falcon is an excellent partner for Captain America. I started reading Cap around the bi-centennial, when his partnership with Sam was at it's peak.

Bob Greenwade said...

Would a hero with a psychic bond to his avian companion be a bird-brain?

Anonymous said...

I think Bob really laid an egg with that comment.

Neil Robertson said...

I'm curious... what is the source of your Birdman picture? I can't recall ever seeing that particular design of his outfit anywhere before.

HankPym said...

...What Neil said !!!!!!!!!

Ross said...

It's from - Jesus Alberto

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