Thursday, October 10, 2013

X-O Manowar Vs. Iron Man

This is another team up that I am surprised has never happened (unless I missed it).  Not only do they have the suits of armor in common, master of metallic heroes Bob Layton is closely connected to each hero.  If they ever really do cross over, Layton should definitely be at the top of the list to be involved.


Anonymous said...

No word on who did the comic though.

Anonymous said...

Fabian Nicieza. Art by Tom Grindberg, Bill Anderson, Al Milgrom and Larry Mahlstedt.

So. Meh.

Mike Shirley said...

Not only a 2 issue comic, but a terrible crossover video game as well.

Ross said...

Ah, I heard about the video game but never knew there was a comic tie-in.

EarthX said...

This two-parter is actually the final "Valiant Classic" title.

The story ended with the reboot to Valiant universe to the "Acclaim Comics" version with the modern-day X-O, teen Ninjak, etc.

Anonymous said...

How can you not know this cross over happened?

I liked it and very nice art, worth a read ;)

Oh btw awesome cover as usual - top marks!

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