Monday, October 14, 2013

Doctor Strange and Doctor Fate in "...And the Rat Shall Inherit!"

I featured a more Golden Age style cover that paired these two mystics in an early issue of my STF run, and I thought I would go for a Bronze Age vibe this time.  And if you think that a giant rodent isn't enough of a challenge for these powerful mages, well you've obviously never been in the New York City subway system!  They grow 'em big down there!


Anonymous said...

This pair is always a favorite! Would love to see Strange matched up with Arak, Son of Thunder! (if you can do Quantum & Sliders, surely Arak (and maybe Marvels' Warpath) would be a snap!

Bob Greenwade said...

I love seeing these two together, and I'd love to see more of it -- especially if you can figure out a way to incorporate their once again melding into Doctor Strangefate.

As for the terror of a giant rodent, I once created a supervillain named the Squirrel King. Good ol' Cyrus Gallagher was convinced that, just as humans had supplanted dinosaurs as the dominant species on Earth, so one day humans would be supplanted by evolutionarily advanced squirrels -- if only humans would stop oppressing the squirrels. So he fashioned himself a suit of squirrel-themed power armor, raised an army of cybernetically-enhanced squirrels, and sought to bring about the Squirrel Apocalypse.

One of those squirrels was not a cyborg, however; he was grown to Godzilla-sized proportions. As this was in Japan, the squirrel was given the name of Dairisu (Emperor Squirrel). There's something to be said for a squirrel that spits acid and can eat an entire tree for breakfast.

They're definitely from the Department of It's Funny Until It Happens to You.

Ah, for my good old Champions days.

Anonymous said...

that is a great cover, I am also a fan of doctor.fate. how about doctor.fate and doctor.strange meet doctor.who. also how about a buffy vs xena cover

Ross said...

Stay Tuned Anonymous!

Unknown said...

definitely getting Jim Starlin feel to this cover. Very much of a Dreadstar and Syzygy Darklock vibe going on... Love it!

sonofjack said...

Dr. Fate: "Some would say that it's . . . strange that we've never met before."

Dr. Strange: “Some might call it . . . fate.”

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