Thursday, October 31, 2013

Man-Thing and The X-Files

I was a big fan of the X-Files when it first aired.  I loved the moody atmosphere and the chemistry between the main characters.  Unfortunately, the show began to meander after a few seasons, and it started to become clear that the writers did not have all the answers to the mysteries that they had presented.  By the time David Duchovny left, I began to lose interest.  They have had a couple of movies, but they didn't really answer a whole lot of questions either. There's been talk of a third film recently, and it might be interesting to revisit that world after so long.  Could they once again capture the magic of those first few seasons?  Or has the moment passed?


AirDave said...

Awww, yeah!

I never made it all the way through The X-Files. I think I bailed after maybe Season Two one or Three. Saw the first movie. Didn't see the second. Liked the Topps' comic. Read the paperbacks.

I think The X-Files is still interesting, but I'm not sure how many share that. It opened the door to a whole genre, like Fringe and Supernatural. I'll probably pick up the trade collection of the Season continuation...What is that Season Ten?

Bob Greenwade said...

Good one here! And I did catch the number reference, too.

I got started with the X-Files midway through, and caught up with the old episodes when they were rerun on fX (the F was lower-case back then). I actually thought it got more interesting when Robert Patrick joined the cast, though I know I'm in a tiny minority in that.

Still, when so many threads were pulled together in "I Want to Believe" to create a tapestry, it had the feel of a writer trying to take disparate elements and making them cohesive. The writers actually mostly succeeded with that, though I don't think that one could watch the movie and then go back to the episodes and think, "Oh, so that's what that means!"

I think I would have preferred to see Robert Patrick and Annabeth Gish in the film, though, even if Doggett and Reyes only played a small part in the goings-on.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Just in time for Halloween, Ross? Anyhoo, I'd like to place a request for Icon, Hardware or Blood Syndicate from Milestone Comics with The X-Men (any mutants will do). Have you done any Milestone characters?

Ross said...

Static has appeared and there will be more Milestone characters in the future...

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