Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wonder Woman and Asterix

I didn't have too much exposure to Asterix as a kid, but when I finally saw some of his adventures, they impressed me as much as the Tintin books I loved so much.  Like Tintin, these were lavishly illustrated, long stories with much better printing and paper than I was used to with the comics of the day.  In a time before graphic novels, glossy paper and computer coloring, they really stood out.


artemus dada said...

Very beautiful cover, great work.

Thank you !

Invisible Chair said...

Hooray! Hooray! This has been a long time request for me! My family is francophone, and as a child, when are cousins from France, Belgium and Montreal would visit the states, they would bring french comic books with them. This is how I discovered TinTin, Blueberry (western), Spiro, and of course Asterix.

Isaac said...

Nice cover Ross, a teamup I would never even dream about. But I can't believe you missed out on an obvious pun for the cover Of all the "gaul".

pblfsda said...

And of course the sequel would be "Gauls' Night Out!"

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