Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Firestorm Vs. The Hulk

I tried to keep the text deliberately ambiguous here, so fans of either character can imagine their guy in the protagonist role.  I am a fan of both, so it is tough for me to decide who I would give the edge to here.  Firestorm is very powerful and resourceful but the Hulk would probably just get angrier and angrier at "flame-head's" stunts.   All I know is that it would be a fun battle to watch and that property damage would be substantial.


Dale Bagwell said...

It'd be a hell of a fight that's for sure. It'd be fun to see Stein and Banner try and out-think each other as far as science goes, so yeah, pretty cool fight.

Wizard had these two battle it out in one of their contests, with Ronnie getting the win due to the nature of his powers. If couldn't get rid of the gamma radiation or separate the two, they had him whip up an adamantium cage to stick him in.

Bob Greenwade said...

Okay, so I guess the assumption is supposed to be that the Hulk is out of control and Firestorm is risking much to restrain him... but it could be the other way around! Firestorm's powers have been somehow boosted and are shooting off seemingly at random, or maybe with every whim and idle thought; Bruce Banner, now in control of Hulk's form, pulls out all the stops to restrain him.

I'd buy that story in a heartbeat.

But Dale's mention of that Wizard contest, with the nature of Firestorm's powers, makes me wonder about Firestorm vs. Molecule Man. Maybe Firestorm could team up with the Human Torch, while Molecule Man takes up with Killer Frost for that, and the two villains switch foes to make things more evenly matched.

pblfsda said...



Check the comments. Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

Hulk smash fire man !

Dale Bagwell said...

@Bob: That would really be something to see Firestorm and The Molecule Man go at it. I think MM might have the edge since he's not bound by the same limitations as Firetorm is when it comes to organic and inorganic matter. Good fight though. Stein's definitely the key in all this.

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