Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Watcher and Star Wars

It's going to be very interesting to see what happens with the Star Wars franchise now that it is under Disney's management.  I have heard talk of new comics. cartoons and TV shows, but what I am really looking forward to is Episode VII.  Mark Hamill is a well known comic book fan and has contributed to the genre over the years through his work as the voice of The Joker and other characters as well as comic book based appearances on shows like The Flash and a great episode of Amazing Stories.  Hamill even Directed and starred in 2004's mockumentary Comic Book: The Movie.  It will be great to see him involved in such a high profile project again when the new film comes out.


artemus dada said...

Yes ! Very good idea, and nice cover.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Superman have been in the titles too? Irregardless this is a nifty story idea but debatable if it would be a "What if...?" or an "Elseworlds." Speaking of Elseworlds how about this idea I always wanted to see, Superman as Neo in the Matrix. And Batman would be Morpheus "Choose the red pill or the blue pill Clark."

Ross said...

Superman never shows up in this story. Darth El? Oh, he shows up.

Isaac said...

Ross, now that's a story. Work on it please!

Anonymous said...

id still need to see jester from marvel battle dc joker also heatwave human bomb vs nitro and pyro

Anonymous said...

The force in a kryptonian... intriguing.

This reminds me how much I miss Elseworlds. I liked it moreso than "What If..." simply because you could do some real genre-bending with it instead of merely branching off from established continuity.

Victorian heroes? No problem.

Anime-styled sci-fi? Of course.

Arthurian Legend? Sure thing.

Civil War? Go for it.

Arabian Nights? Why not?



Anonymous said...

Great premise! An even better one? Bruce Wayne, in a BATMAN BEYOND-type suit, fighting crime (circa 10 BBY) as a member of...


AirDave said...


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