Friday, January 11, 2013

Rorschach and The Avengers

When the Before Watchmen titles were announced by DC, I was as wary as most fans were.  Watchmen is a modern classic, and nobody wanted to see it tarnished for a quick cash grabbing event.  I decided to trade/digital wait on these and see what the reviews and previews were like before determining which of the titles to pick up.  DC fortunately stacked the deck with many of my favorite creators currently working in comics like Darwyn Cooke, Amanda Conner and the Kuberts.  Everything I have seen and read looks to be very well done, and I will definitely be checking out most if not all of the titles.


Bob Greenwade said...

Very nice cover, and a very clever title for the story. I would hope, of course, that Cap and Ms. M are merely hospitalized and not dead.

Whenever I see Rorschach, I think of how his name is pronounced: "Roar shock," like an electric lion.

That, in turn, puts me in mind that you might try teaming up Black Lightning with the Care Bears, and call the story "Shock and Awwww!"

Anonymous said...

cool cover still need star trek meets star wars also liberty legion and freedom fighters or young all stars brother power the geek vs chucky or freddy krugartlylsov 24

Anonymous said...

Most of Before Watchmen is alright. One or two are bad. Nut Minutemen is truly great.

Tommy Tomorrow said...

Just a note to say Hi.
I miss you at the old place, but I'm enjoying the hell outta this one.
Keep up the good work.
Why the majors aren't fighting to hire that imagination of yours is a mystery to me!

Ross said...

The old place? I heard it's chock full of miscreants!

Isaac said...

Hell, you should try the Comedian and Rorschach's run. Those I find quite good. I'm not touching those other books with a ten foot pole or a Leon Jaworsky (he's a six foot pole) :). And I loooove this cover. If Cap is the god of winning ..... what does that make Rorschach on this cover? God of killing? Hurm.

Anonymous said...

There's no way Rorschach, even with his detective skills, boxing experience, and a grappling gun, not to mention his innate scariness, could beat all of the Avengers. Most of them could take him solo. The best fight would be Rorschach vs. Wolverine and/or (maybe) Daredevil.

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