Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Iron Fist and Robin

I was glad when I heard that Power Man and Iron Fist were going to be a part of  the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, but upon checking the show out, they aren't quite the characters we know from the comics.  Sure, the powers are there, but these are youthified versions of the Heroes for Hire to go along with the show's overall attempt at attracting a younger-skewing demographic.  It's a fun little show for what it is, but it really makes me hope for a more accurate depiction of Danny Rand and Luke Cage on the big or small screens.

Tim Drake has shown up in Young Justice, which has done a much better job of presenting the characters from the comics... and of course that show just got cancelled, along with Green Lantern! It's really a shame because I was enjoying both but The Cartoon Network's erratic episode scheduling never gave them a fair chance to build an audience.


Anonymous said...

Avengers:EMH had an episode with the Heroes for Hire that I thought was pretty darn close. Of course, that show got cancelled too. :(

Young Justice, Green Lantern, Sym-Bionic Titan, Spectacular Spider-Man... They all got decent ratings (so I thought) but they were all killed before their time.

The new Spidey cartoon... I WANTED to like it, but the tone is erratic, the characters feel really shallow, the goofy "what's going on in Spidey's head" tend to overstay their welcome, even the funny ones, and the writing overall just did not click for me. I heard they were going to be changes for season 2, but so far all I've seen is an increase in "message hammer" moments. (sigh)


Anonymous said...

id still like a romance for firestorm and firestar or firehawk and either jonny storm or firelord

Anonymous said...

Actually, other than Green Lantern they were all killed exactly at their time. Cartoons these days don't get more than 52 episodes before their parts are reassigned to new shows. It's just the way children's programming works. And, quite frankly, I doubt we'd have gotten shows as good as EMH or Young Justice had they not known they only had 52 episodes of story. They both benefited from a clear and distinct end point that allowed their creators to tell big stories with plenty of twists an turns and without having to worry about keeping the characters around for years to come, such as in comics these days

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