Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wonder Woman and Captain America: Lost in Paradise!

When last we saw Cap and WW together, we learned they were engaged.  Well, this is comics and superhero marriages never seem to go without a hitch...

The more I hear about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the more fun it sounds.  Not only will we see the present day Bucky, but The Falcon will also be appearing.  Anthony Mackie is a great choice for the role, I have enjoyed his work in The Hurt Locker and Million Dollar Baby among other films.  I was a little worried about the directorial change for this movie, but the new guys seem to be a fan of the same comics as I am.  Lets hope they tweak Cap's costume again and get the cowl closer to the classic look.


invisible chair said...

this is definitely your most "emotionally" powerful cover.

Dale Bagwell said...

Here, here. Seeing this cover really drives home what a potentially awesome couple Cap and WW would make. Hell if Cap was in her universe or vice-versa, I could see Diana dropping Supes to the side and making go-go eyes towards Cap. Personality-wise, I think they'd be a good match, and forget about how well they match up in the combat category.

Hell I can envision in some distant universe, Cap and Queen Hypolita hooking up during WW2, he gets lost for 60 years, and then comes across another W, Diana. Romantic tension much?

Good cover man.

Anonymous said...

Hypolita and Steve, now that would be a cool comic.

Great cover. Would love to read this issue.


Anonymous said...

This cover makes sense as Diana does have a thing for guys named Steve after all.

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