Thursday, August 30, 2012

Superman Vs. Iron Man

I've been watching The Tudors lately and I have to say that now that I have gotten the chance to watch him act, I really like the choice of Henry Cavill for Superman in the upcoming Man of Steel.  Facially, he looks perfect for the role as well.  He resembles a Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez illustrated Superman.

Iron Man 3 seems to be shaping up nicely with the addition of Ben Kingsley as The Mandarin.  He was always my choice to play Hugo Strange in a Batman sequel, but it will still be cool seeing him wreak havoc in the Marvel movieverse instead.


John R. Platt said...

Another fantastic story idea. I would have bought this when I was a kid!

Randy Meyer said...

Kingsley would have been my choice to play the Vulture in a Sam Raimi Spidey movie!!

pblfsda said...

I'm going to have to erase the memory of Kingsley playing The Hood in that misfiring "Thunderbirds" movie. I wouldn't sitting through "Gandhi" again, but didn't he also play a Dickens villain? That would be a good combination of old and evil.

On an unrelated note, how about a post-apocalyptic 'boy-and-his-dog' cover? Kamandi and Dr. Canus; Finn and Jake; and Don Johnson and Blood from the movie of the Ellison story. Are there any others?

Ross said...

Definitely more pooch covers coming up.

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