Monday, August 6, 2012

Judge Dredd Vs. The Hulk

Judge Dredd is coming back to theaters soon with Dredd, and it looks like it will be a better adaptation than the original Sylvester Stallone-starring attempt.  There seems to be no wacky sidekicks this time around, and Dredd keeps his helmet on the entire movie.  I've seen a trailer and an extended scene, and it has a very stylized look to the action and violence that reminds me of comic book imagery.  I originally thought the helmet looked too big on Karl Urban in still photos, but I have to admit it looks better in action.  It's been a pretty decent year for comic book films, and this doesn't look to break the streak.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Okay, that's a very cool cover!
"I am the LAW!" meets "I am The Hulk!"

I'm very excited about Karl Urban (Star Trek's McCoy) as Dredd. And equally excited that there will be another Hulk film coming out!

Anonymous said...

Dredd's an American- or at least, he's from Mega-City One, which is all that's left of America. The Hulk is also American, so who's the "Brit"? And why didn't you Americans go see the Dredd movie?

Phil K said...

The "Brit" is actually Judge Dredd strictly speaking. He's British born and bred.Or rather invented and drawn. First appearance in a British comic in early 80s

Phil K said...

....actually the Jekyll and Hyde character which Hulk essentially is, is British too !

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