Monday, August 13, 2012

Power Girl and Spider-Woman

It was interesting looking at the solicits for Marvel's upcoming Avengers Assemble series the line-up of the teem seems to mirror that of the movie Avengers, with one addition: Spider-Woman.  Could this mean that marvel is grooming the character to join the live-action team?  Since Spider-Man is controlled by another studio and off-limits, could this be a way for Marvel to get some of their own spider-action up on the big screen?  If so, it may be a packed movie because Ant-Man and The Falcon are set to be introduced prior to the sequel as well.  It's all conjecture at this point but that's part of the fun.


Bob Greenwade said...

Marvel and DC, with a bonus: Darth Vader, who comes from a third universe.

Very well played!

Anonymous said...

iwas surprised when marvel had star wars as a comic we never saw xmen vs vader tha wouldve been sweet

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