Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Robin Vs. The Hulk (Part One)

I am in eager anticipation to go see The Avengers this weekend.  One report that I am very encouraged by is that the Hulk is the best version of the character that we have seen thus far in the movies.  Indeed, he has been such a hit with international audiences that Marvel is considering another Hulk solo film, which I was hoping would happen.  Bring on The Leader!

I also caught the new Dark Knight Rises trailer, and if there's a film I am looking forward to more than The Avengers, that's it.  Christopher Nolan keeps his cards close to his chest and I am still unsure as to what Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character plays in the film... but from the trailer it looks like he plays someone concerned when Batman goes missing... maybe a Robin type character?  Nolan previously said there wouldn't be a Robin in this series though, so who knows what he's up to?


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Awww, yeah...that is one cool cover!

I'll throw this out there though: I'm a Batman fan, and I'm actually more excited to see The Man of Steel next year than Batman this year. The Batman movies have been great, but my ten-year-old is going to have to wait until he's older to watch them. This year it's all Avengers and Spider-Man!

Anonymous said...

Wow! VERY nice cover. Can't wait to see how you follow it up.


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