Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Black Racer and The Silver Surfer

Only Jack Kirby could come up with a space faring character on a surf board and make it cool!  Kirby then went a step further and created an interstellar character that traveled via skis... and rather than treat him as a joke, he was one of the most grim and powerful members of The New Gods pantheon.  Other creators' attempts at giving a character a popular mode of transport met with less success... Rocket Racer and his skateboard never really took off and Dazzler soon ditched her roller skates.  His ability to make wild concepts work is another reason that Jack Kirby will always be at the top of the list for character creation.


Blue Crayons said...

SPECTACULAR!.....and why hasn't the Cartoon Channel/DC launched a New Gods series, given that Darkseid was a major villian in the Justice League Ultimate series.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Outstanding cover!
Only a genius like Jack Kirby could capitalize on surfing and skiing!

Bob Greenwade said...

This is yet another team-up that seems just so darn natural -- both Jack Kirby characters, and both with unusual forms of transportation.

Your other comments bring me back to a suggestion I made many weeks ago about making ad hoc superteams around a theme. You mention Rocket Racer and Dazzler; throw in Static Shock and I think you have a set!

diana green said...

Silver Surfer, Black Racer, Ghost Rider, any other mode of transport defined characters out there?

A Mindful Webworker said...

Ah, how well I remember the introduction of the Black Racer. Pretty much seemed like Kirby trying to recapture the Silver Surfer at first. Surf. Ski. Silver. Black. Whatever. Of course, Jack took him in an entirely different direction. Sweet memories of the hopeful early days of the New Gods.

Um, oh yeah. Nice pairing for this cover!

Anonymous said...

Just Asian comic characters or Caucasian heroes get defined by their color? Black Goliath, Black Racer, Black Panther, Black Tornado. Okay that last one was Dolemite but you get my drift.

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