Thursday, May 10, 2012

Wonder Woman and Hercules

This would be a fun pairing to see, given their similar backgrounds.  Plus the differences between Marvel's Hercules and the DC version that has appeared in WW titles is quite stark and could make for some good story fodder.

The Destroyer was great to see come to life in the Thor film... perhaps a Hercules appearance in a future sequel is in order?

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Energy Law said...

I would much rather see the gorgeous VALKYRIE appear in the next Thor film then Hercules. Lets keep it NORSE, Ross, ok?

Anonymous said...

They had a brief encounter nine years ago, back during the "Avengers/JLA" crossover.

Love the website.

Alexander Osias said...

"Yes, Diana. I am your father."

In the DC Universe, the DC Herakles actually fought alongside here for a while under another guise.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Ross, did you happen to pick up Earth 2, yet? The interesting thing with the Earth 2 Wonder Woman is that her gods are Roman not Greek. Jay Garrick got his speed directly from Mercury.

The success of The Avengers movie hopefully will open a LOT of doors to future super hero movies. Ant-Man and The Wasp, Black Panther, Hercules...

Hopefully, after the sequel, there will be a threequel featuring Ultron.

Ross said...

I actually stopped collecting new comics with the start of the New DCU. That and Marvel's $3.99 price point finally got me to stop collecting regularly after 35 years. I plant to pick up an Ipad one of these days and catch up digitally on series that I've missed and look good. Just waiting to finish the bookcase of TPB's, Essentials and Showcases that I haven't even started yet and to be in a better financial place before I jump into the monthly grind once more.

That said, I like James Robinson and Nicola Scott a lot and I've heard good things about the first issue. I'm still not crazy about youthifying the JSA'ers or the costume designs I've seen so far, so for me the jury is still out.

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