Monday, May 7, 2012

Green Arrow and The Avengers

Well, I saw and loved The Avengers - Joss Whedon really pulled it off.  He managed to give every character their big moments and stayed true to the portrayals from the earlier films.  It was amazing how well the story weaved in with all the solo films.  I felt the Iron Man and Hulk action sequences were better than anything in either of their solo movies.  The Hulk especially was done perfectly with a few moments that just bring down the house.  Hawkeye was the only character that I felt got short changed, with the least amount of screen time and hypnotized state throughout much of the film.  Still, the use of his trick arrows was very cool, and showed how an archer can fit in well with a team of heavy hitters.  So when a Justice League film gets made (and the success of The Avengers makes that a lot more likely), hopefully we'll see Green Arrow on the team... at least in the sequel!


Anonymous said...

"....when a Justice League film gets made.." Wishful thinking much, Ross? Me thinks DC/Warner Bros. has pretty much conceded the live-action genre to Marvel. With the exception of the Superman & Dark Knight franchises, DC's investment seems to be in animation.

Ross said...

This 207 Million opening weekend will change their minds.

Bob Greenwade said...

I think you're right, Ross. I don't think necessarily that it *will* change their minds, but I do think it will bring about some careful thinking at the DC offices.

They just need good actors, good directors, and good writers for the rest of the JLA squad: Wonder Woman and the Flash at the very least. Add Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern, and "minor" characters like Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter can be "added on" the way Hawkeye was here.

Morbiak said...

I know that this is wishful thinking,but wouldn't it be neat if their was a JLA teaser at the end of the credits of DKR or the next Superman flick ?

Rip Jagger said...

Love this cover! That's my very first Avengers comic, so I'm partial to it of course.

And I agree that the best thing about the excellent Avengers movie is that it might give us a JLofA epic. That would be awesome. And I really mean "awesome".

Rip Off

xrayspecs21 said...

Another delightful silver age creation! How I wish this was a complete comic shipping from Diamond! I'd buy a whole stack of them (especially at 60 cents each!).

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