Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Black Lightning and Spider-Man

I haven't yet seen any mention of Black Lightning in the new DCU, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before he appears in one form or another.  In recent years DC had tried a few new looks for Jefferson Pierce, with varying degrees of success in my eyes.  The look that I thought really worked the best was Cully Hamner's slight redesign of Black Lightning's original costume (adding in the black T-shirt and changing up his hair style), and I hope when we see the character again he will sport a look close to that.

I have a feeling that if Black Lightning were a Marvel character, he would have been a frequent guest star in Marvel Team-Up.  He and Spidey would make for a good pair.


herbal tea said...

Black Lightning was the best thing about the original Batman and the Outsiders!

Rick said...

I hope to see Black Lightning again as well but I have a feeling DC is grooming Static Shock to take his place so they don't have to pay Tony Isabella for use of Black Lightning.

Cary Comic said...

With regard to the cover's questions? I would hazard to guess that Syonide used a tranuilizer dart, filled with some of the Corruptor's psychoactive pheromones, to set these two against each other. Tobias Whale providing the hench-wench. Kingpin having his men track down Jackson Day's hideout.

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