Thursday, September 29, 2011

Batman and Sin City

Now here's a crossover I would like to see.  It's interesting to watch how Frank Miller's artistic style has changed over the years, from his earliest run on Daredevil, to The Dark Knight Returns and then to Sin City.  He has evolved from a more standard comic artist to a highly stylized master of light and shadow.  You could definitely see Miller's influence in the cinematic Sin City, probably the most faithful comic book movie to date.  I love how they kept it black and white, with splashes of color for impact, just like the comics.  The make up job on Mickey Rourke was amazing, it looked like Marv stepped right off of the comic page.  I hear that the long awaited sequel is finally beginning to move.  I hope it comes together because I would love to see some more of Miller's Sin City stories adapted to the big screen.

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Anonymous said...

No one had ever seen anything like it before. Along comes a film that changes the face of film as we know it: Star Wars, Blade Runner, The Road Warrior, The Matrix, & Sin City!

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