Thursday, September 15, 2011

Batman and Medusa (Retro)

Medusa is my favorite member of the Inhumans and one of Marvel's best female characters.  I always thought that she had a great power and visual to go with it.  I have always felt that she was deserving of a much higher profile, so it's good to see her getting some more exposure with Marvel's recent cosmic titles and mini series.

This cover also gave me a chance to use Fin Fang Foom, a Marvel baddie that has long appealed to me.  I know it's a long shot, but I would love for Foom to make an appearance in the third Iron Man film.  C'mon, we've seen shell head mix it up against other armored foes multiple times already, time to give audiences something new that will really blow their minds!


pblfsda said...

I've loved the Roger Langridge take on Fin Fang Foom that was published in bits and pieces over the last few years. (Essentially, he's in SHIELD custody and forced to attend group sessions with other pre-FF Marvel monsters that also got integrated into Marvel continuity by writers who were fans of the Lee/Kirby stories. Doc Sampson is their therapist.)

Dougie said...

Medusa was a great villain in the Frightful Four- the best Bad Girl at Marvel in the Silver Age. She was a toothless shadow of herself as a heroine however and brought nothing to the table as a member of the Fantastic Four.Her Sixties solo adventure by Gene Colan is one of the first comics I can remember reading.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Dougie. Medusa was a sensational villainess and much better in that role than she was as a heroine. If you read the 1965 Frightful Four issues of Fantastic Four (#36, 38, 41,42,43), you will see that she even had a sadistic flair to her personality. Not only that, but the Frightful Four had more success against the Fantastic Four with Medusa as a member, than they did in later years with a variety of rotating fourth members. Medusa performed quite well back then against the Fantastic Four's female member, the Invisible Girl, defeating her in most of their encounters!.

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