Thursday, September 1, 2011

Batman and Jack Bauer

24 was a show that I missed out on when it originally aired because by the time I heard  about how good it was, I had already missed a bunch of episodes.  Due to the real time nature of the show, I figured I would be too confused trying to join it somewhere in the middle.  Well, I saw that it was featured on Netflix instant view recently, so I decided to give it a try.  I was blown away, and I wound up watching the entire series over the course of a month.  Jack Bauer is one of those characters that will do whatever it takes to get the job done, no matter what the cost.  The show had some great twists and turns and I loved all the government intrigue.  Bauer does remind me a bit of one of my other favorite TV characters, Andy Sipowicz from NYPD Blue... both are stand up guys, but you don't want to get too close to them, because terrible things seem to happen to anyone they care about!  Oh well, it makes for good drama.


Anonymous said...

excellent! Request: Batman and Mad Max, The Road Warrior!

Anonymous said...

still hope jack of hearts ka-zar killraven lockjaw longshot may still be coming up

Ross said...

I actually did a Lockjaw cover yesterday... but it's for my next title so you'll have to wait a while to see it!

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That's a very cool cover! We got caught up before Day (Season) Five. Very cool show. Jack Bauer is very much a Dark Knight.

I was a little disappointed by the final season.

But the IDW comics and paperbacks have been outstanding!

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight flinching from a pistol? Sacrilege! ;o)

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