Thursday, September 8, 2011

Batman and Leave it to Chance

James Robinson and Paul Smith's Leave it to Chance was one of my favorite new series to come out in the past few decades.  It had it all, engaging characters, cool story lines and gorgeous artwork.  It also had a strong young female lead, something that comics need a lot more of.  Chance Falconer is the daughter of a powerful mage and gets into all sorts of adventures while trying to prove that she is worthy of following in his footsteps. When it came time to introduce my nieces to the world of comic books, this was the character I decided to show them first.  I don't think it flew off the shelves and that is unfortunate because I was really hoping to see some more tales featuring Chance and her pet dragon.  Still, it was critically acclaimed and I hope someday that Robinson and Smith decide to return to the property.  It's also perfectly suited for film or animation, so maybe it could find more success in another medium.


pblfsda said...

YEEEAAAH! Excellent out-of-left-field character choice.I used to recommend this to mothers when I worked in a book store and hated the fact that it was briefly only available as a pricey hardcover (two, actually). There was also decent black and white series about the preteen daughters of a down and out villain who try to revive his reputation by sneaking out to commit crimes with his old, distinctive equipment and inadvertently get cast as the town's new heroes. It was funny and smart, but back then B&W titles cost almost twice what the average Marvel/DC comics went for. These are precisely the comics that should publish online, where print run sizes aren't a factor in production costs.

Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Very cool cover!

Was Robinson doing this along with Starman - simultaneously?

I think I picked Starman, and din't give Leave It To Chance...a look.

Ross said...

LitC was published from 1996-1999.

Robert McKinney said...

I like this one a lot. It reminds me of #89 of the original B&B series.

Zoinks! Graphics said...

@pblfsda that BW comic sounds great. What's the title?

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