Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Thing and The Teen Titans

I was a big fan of Nick Cardy's cover work for DC comics. Like Gil Kane for Marvel, his covers were always exciting and really made me want to read the comic, whether it was a superhero, western or horror title. I wish he had done more interior work though - which is why the original Teen Titans series has always been a favorite of mine. It is pretty fun to go back and reread those issues today. The art is still just as beautiful, but the dialogue is crazy! The ultra hip lingo that the Titans use is so over the top... I don't remember teenagers talking that way even back then! Then again, it wasn't written by teenagers, so that may answer the question!


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Cowabunga, what a totally rad cover!

I would hope if The Thing and Teen Titans teamed up it would be against the Mad Mod!

"Yeah, baby, yeah!"

I will now go re-read Teen Titans: Year One...

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Robin get his ass handed to him by the Thing!


Ostrakos said...

I got to meet Nick a few weeks ago at HeroesCon, and he did a (sparsely-attended, for shame!) panel. He was incredibly funny and the kind of guy you'd want for a grandfather. He had a lot of good insight as to his approach, and you're absolutely right-his covers really draw you in.

pblfsda said...

Wow, I'd heard rumors that Garth was getting retconned out after "Flashpoint", but that's a pretty weird replacement even by Didio's standards.

JasonPayne said...

haha. what really makes this cover for me is the phrase "beatnik beat-down" prefaced by the words "50 PAGE EPIC!"

That's ridiculous. I'd probably pick this up, too!

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