Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Thing and The Seven Soldiers of Victory

I first discovered the Seven Soldiers of Victory with their Silver Age reintroduction in the Pages of Justice League of America. I fondly remember that storyline because it also featured the JSA who and Metamorpho helping the JLA to find the time-lost SSOV. I had never seen so many characters together in one story, it really blew my young mind. As with the JSA, I would love to see some new stories featuring tales of the Seven Soldiers of Victory while they were still in their prime. The last time I saw them in action was the pages of All-Star Squadron, and that was decades ago. Grant Morrison recently revamped the Seven Soldiers concept, and that had some nice moments - but give me the original crew any day!


John said...

Classic JLofA #100-102 are my three favorite comic books ever in the entire world . For me, like you, this was my first intro to the JSA and the SSoV.

I keep meaning to pick up the SSoV Archives, but the prices on those books always give me pause.

Great cover!

Hoy Murphy said...

The modern incarnations of the soldiers were featured in a great episode of Justice League Unlimited. Nathan Fillion was the voice of Vigilante.


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