Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Thing and the Question

I never really followed The Question that closely, only picking up a couple of issues of his series. it wasn't until his appearances on Justice League Unlimited that I really started to take notice. I really liked his characterization on that show. Unfortunately that was right about the time that DC decided to kill him off and replace him with Renee Montoya. I think this was a double mistake because not only did we lose Vic Sage, but Montoya was dramatically altered. I liked her much better as a supporting character in the Batman Universe.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

Very nice cover!

I totally missed The Question series. I hear it was very cool. So was the JLU version.

What has DC done with the Rene Montoya The Question since introducing her in 52? Is she a supporting character to Batwoman? Or is she just hanging out in the ether?

I'm sort of ambivalent. I think DC (or any comic company) could always use more strong female characters - that don't wear fishnets - but invest in them. Don't just introduce them and then leave them hanging...

I hope that The Question - either one, will make a return somewhere in the relaunch...

pblfsda said...

The Montoya Question was a huge part of Final Crisis, starring in one of the mini-series that ran concurrent to the anchor series. It was called "Final Crisis: Revelations" and involved Huntress and the Spectre as well. I wish the DC Wiki had more information than it does.

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