Friday, June 17, 2011

The Thing and The Rocketeer

I felt like doing a cover that was an unofficial crossover to Crisis on Infinite Earths, a series that blew my mind back in high school (note the red sky). Company wide crossovers have become all too commonplace since the original Crisis, but at the time it was so new and exciting to me, I literally couldn't wait for the next issue.

I still love the movie adaptation of The Rocketeer and Joe Johnston did such a good job with that period piece superhero movie, that I have high hopes for his take on Captain America.


Cathy and Dave said...

Dave sez,

That's an awesome cover!
Yeah, The Rocketeer movie was very cool. I hear The Rocketeer comic is making a comeback, too!

Lee Houston, Junior said...

IDW is doing a Rocketeer Adventures mini-series with the cooperation of the Dave Stevens estate.
But ALL the material is taking place only within the Dave Stevens established continuity.
No stories before or after his work.
Stevens was taken from us way too soon. I have mixed feelings on the subject, but would you want to see someone else continue the character past his established work?

Ross said...

I was iffy on it too, but it has some great talent working on it.

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