Friday, June 3, 2011

The Thing and The Justice Society of America (Golden Age)

Rounding out my trilogy of Thing/JSA covers, I decided to present their first meeting. Still no word on what the future holds for the JSA in the revamped DCU... I have a feeling they will stay with a contemporary title, which is fine... but I would really love to see some new adventures of the team while they were in their prime. Period piece comics can be a tough sell, but I think that a retro JSA series could find a following.


Energy said...

Thats actually the first authentic image of the golden age Black Canary that I have ever seen. Is it? Could u provide some background on how this cover was put together (is from a issues from the '40's, 50's?)

Ross said...

It's from the cover of All-Star Comics #54

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