Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Thing and Green Arrow & Black Canary

Oliver Queen and Dinah Lance are my favorite couple in comics, I always liked that they were created independently from one another in the Golden Age and years later, their Silver Age counterparts found love. Unfortunately, editors and writers just don't seem to want them to stay happy for long. They keep getting split up due to Ollie's infidelity or the fact that he died (it's comics, he got better). I was glad to see DC finally have them resolve their issues and get married, but that certainly didn't last long. These days they are running around in separate titles once again and I am not sure of their marital status. I'm sure they will find each other again and hopefully it will be more lasting the next time around.


Lee Houston, Junior said...

Ross, et al:
Technically, they're separated at the moment (no pun intended), but neither have officially an legal actions on the matter, so techincally they're still married.
However I, and I'm sure a lot of other DC readers, would like to see them get back toghether and reconcile.
Come on DC, if ANYONE in your universe deserves a "Happily Ever After", it's them!

Cathy and Dave said...

Since banishing Ralph and Sue; and totally fowling up (couldn't resist) Carter/Katar and Shiera/Shayera, Ollie and Dinah have probably been DC's last best hope of a stable relationship.

The question is, to paraphrase Kim Basinger's Vicki Vale, are they gonna try to love each other?

Ben, Ollie and a Pretty Bird - awesome team-up!

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