Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Thing and Darkseid

Darkseid is arguably the premier villain of the DCU. While characters like Luthor or the Joker have more popularity and mainstream recognition, Darkseid serves more as a line-wide threat than they do. He can back up that reputation, too - Kirby went beyond even Dr. Doom and Darkseid not only has a country under his dominion, but an entire planet! His great setting and menacing visual make him ideal for animation, and indeed he has shown up on many of DC's animated series and direct to video movies. He is also the main villain behind the final season of Smallville. Thus far they have only shown him in a quick effects shot at the end of the premier episode. Hopefully when he is revealed in full, he will maintain his impressive appearance from the comics..

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Cathy and Dave said...

Awww, yeah...

Apokalips...OW! Brilliant!

Kirby y Kirby!

Hopefully, Smallville won't fudge too much on Darkseid. That cloud at the end of the season premiere was almost DC's version of Galactus...

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