Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Thing and Doctor Fate

Doctor Fate has one of the coolest helmets in comics. I could not wait for the JLA/JSA team-ups as a kid so I could see this cool magical guy from Earth-Two in action. He was all the more intriguing to me since he did not have an Earth-1 counterpart. The character seems to have had some starts and stops lately, with multiple hosts under the mask and a new direction cut short due to the death of Steve Gerber. Hopefully he will find some stability and we as readers can see some more classic Doctor Fate tales in the future.

I really loved Doctor Fate's appearance last year on Smallville. I felt that they got the costume right on and I loved being able to hear the voice of Nabut in Kent Nelson's head, advising him. it's one of Smalville's most successful comic to screen translations, in my opinion. Hopefully we will see him again before the end of the final season.


Cathy and Dave said...

Kent Nelson rocks!

He and Carter Hall are the UNSUNG heroes of the Golden Age.

The best thing about the late '80's Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha League was Fate and The Gray Man.

Seeing Fate on Smallville makes me wish that they had introduced The Phantom Stranger in Season One. That would have been brilliant.

Mike Mitchell said...

I also loved those JSA/JLA team-ups for the chance to see Dr. Fate and even Johnny Thunder. Now I consider them the sort of yin/yang of Golden Age magical characters.

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