Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Thing and Ghostbusters

Now this was a great movie! I just watched it again recently and was amazed at how well it held up after all these years. Some of the effects are a little dodgy but the jokes are as funny as ever. I have been reading about the starts and stops regarding a Ghostbusters 3 for the past few years. If this finally happens, I really hope that they do it right. Even if it was a "passing of the mantle" type film, I would still want to see the entire original cast reunited.

This is another team-up that just makes sense to me as the Ghostbusters also operate out of NYC. I can see Ben taking them on a trip to the Negative Zone or Agatha Harkness' place.


Cathy and Dave said...

That is an awesome cover! Did not know Ghostbusters was a comic, too! Who's the publisher? Marvel/Disney? IDW?

I'd go see a Ghostbusters 3...but, maybe a third story would be better told like Buffy Season 8...

Jon K said...

Hey, Ross -- just a reminder, yesterday your interview ran over at Random Acts of Geekery!

Ross said...

Cool, I'll go check it out!

Yuup Dave, the Ghostbusters image is from an IDW comic.

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