Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Thing and Black Adam

I have really liked the increased attention on Black Adam in the past decade. He has truly developed as a character. Starting as your basic "dark reflection of the hero" bad guy, he has shown a great range of emotion and motivation through the pen of Geoff Johns and other writers. While definitely still a villain, he has many shades of grey and his own version of morality that always make him an interesting element to insert into a storyline. I also quite like that he is no longer considered strictly a Shazam Family enemy anymore, and can just as likely show up to vex The JSA, Superman or any number of other characters. He has even built up an intriguing family of his own, with the addition of interesting characters Isis and Osiris. It really is one of the best examples of how a character can be looked at from a slightly different angle, and produce some new and fantastic story possibilities.

I really hope the often mentioned Shazam! film will finally get off the ground, because the casting of Duane Johnson as Black Adam would be perfect, and he has expressed interest in the role.


Cathy and Dave said...

Awww, yeah - love that title! Catchy tune - no! Too catchy a song!

Black Adam got some great exposure in 52, didn't get a chance to read his spotlight mini-series - is it a must-read?

Anonymous said...

I know this is asking much, But it would be awesome if you did a Namor V.s. Black Adam cover

Ross said...

I haven't read that Black Adam mini either and was wondering the same thing.

Namor v. Black Adam - battling over who stole who's look? I do have a half formed idea of a follow up to B&B and MTIO where that might fit in, but with so many covers waiting in the wings, it will be a long time before I ever get to it.

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