Saturday, June 29, 2019

Mr. Spock and Magnus: Robot Fighter

Some people first discovered Star Trek through the original TV show, and some through the movies.  My first memory is playing with the action figures.  I remember my dad bringing some home and giving them tome and my brothers.  I got Mr. Spock and thought he was pretty darn cool.  It was only later that I saw some reruns of the original series.  One of the first movies I remember renting at the advent of VHS recorders was Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and that movie truly cemented my fan status.


det_Tobor said...

Being a loooonnng time fan of S.T., since I saw a promo for it before it first ran on N.B.C., I have to echo your special appreciation for the show. Each of the actors gave it their all when they came to the Trek Cons in the 1970s.
That Spock rendition looks like a Gold key image. talk about a show that made a real impact on the world.

magnus was too much of a one trick pony to me. I could never really enjoy the character or his times. Since he already encountered the Metal Men here, how would he be with Steve Austin. And what would he be like in the world of the Jetsons?

Anonymous said...

Magnus has so much more potential here. The Daleks and the Dr., C3P0, Mr Data and K-9 to name just a few. Got a whole lot of droids to meet up with. How would he treat Astroboy?
Spocky is easy. He can fit in anywhere. From a card game to time travel, he can do almost anything. Hey how bout Spocky and K-9? Ross is like a genie in the lamp!

Anonymous said...

Two of Ross's covers which get mentioned in the comments every so often are Snow White and the Seven Soldiers of Victory, and Mickey Mouse meets Howard the Duck.

Disney characters seem to be a popular but rarely mined source of covers for this blog, maybe because of the nature of the artwork.

Here are some suggestions. I'm sure others will have better ideas.

Krypto and the 101 Dalmatians

Lockheed and Elliot (Pete's Dragon)
Alan Scott vs. Pinocchio
The cast of Fantasia and the Zoo Crew
Chip and Dale and Squirrel Girl
Wonder Woman vs. Magica da Spell
Captain Hook vs. Namor (or Aquaman in his "hook" phase)
Hugo Strange vs. the anthropomorphic Robin Hood, Maid Marian etc.
Mirror Master and the magic mirror from Sleeping Beauty
Gorilla Grodd and the cast of the Jungle Book
Maleficent and Etrigan
Clarabelle Cow, Horace Horsecollar and Clara Cluck join the Forgotten Heroes
Grandma Duck

Carycomic said...

You know, I could see this being done as a real-world crossover, by D.E. and IDW. Perhaps even with a time-traveling Lore as the main antagonist!

Anonymous said...

Spock, Krypto and K-9 Second Helpings

Div Cvetic said...

Ross, I'm surprised that Star Trek: The Motion Picture was your first exposure to the franchise. Considering the dull plot, wooden acting, and the lenghy running time, it would have turned me off to the whole thing!

Even the (poorly) animated series was a better representation.
But, to each his own.

Ross said...

Div, yeah I've heard people complain about the first Trek film, but I watched it at just the right age and really loved it.

Anonymous said...

My only complaint with STAR TREK '78 was its basically being an expanded revamp of "The Changeling" episode (which guest-starred Vic Perrin as the voice of Nomad). But, if IMDB had been around back then, the movie would only have earned a nine-out-of-ten star rating from worst.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Magnus could be judged by Hanna-Barbera Beyond's Jetsons for the murder of Rosemary "Rosie the Robot" Jetson.

DC50 said...

Spock and Namor fighting together to give the others half a chance.

Carycomic said...

@Anonymous1155: she probably had it coming for killing Fred Flintstone over euthanizing that disobedient saber-tooth...

@DC50: is it my imagination? Or does the robot being judo-tossed by Spock look a lot like Solar, Man of the Atom?

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