Thursday, August 31, 2017

Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel in: "Satyr-Day!"

I am intrigued by the 80's setting of the upcoming Captain Marvel film.  It opens up possibilities for some fun Marvel cameos, like the original Ant-Man and Wasp in their prime, Agent Carter and hopefully Mar-Vell.  I think we can probably count on seeing a de-aged Samuel L. Jackson as a younger Nick-Fury.

These two first shared an adventure in STF #1593...


Bob Greenwade said...

I love this cover, Ross -- though it would've been even better the day after tomorrow. ;)

It's intriguing to see so many upcoming superhero films set in days gone by. There's what you just said about Captain Marvel being set in the 80s, and the next Wonder Woman film is supposedly set during the height of the Cold War. I think I saw somewhere that Shazam! is to be set in the 70s or something like that. It's going to make for some interesting continuity choices (or lack thereof).

Mr. Acer said...

I thought the Captain Marvel film was set in the 90's.

Jay Johnson said...

I think there's a couple of themes pushing the next round of flicks to different time periods.

First, there are already enough moving parts in the current time period with the 'core' Justice League / Avengers / GotG teams that not trying to fit the peripheral heroes like Shazam and Cap Marvel in is a smart strategy.

Second, the versions of these heroes in these time periods are the ones best known to non-comic audiences (the old Shazam TV show, the old Emma Peel Avengers show that made WW lose her powers for a couple of years)and / or are the best loved by the creators (the original Ms. Marvel) as opposed to where they are in the current comics.

I'm not too hung up on strict continuity (I've seen so many of them now that even I can't keep them straight anymore), so as long as there is a good story and reasonable internal consistency, I'm good with whenever they decide to set each flick.

Simreeve said...

But since when are satyrs green?

That's really Beast Boy, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

@Simreeve: Either that, or a Circe-controlled member of the Bay City Rollers.

"Satyr-day Night's alright for fightin'!"

Glenn said...

I like the old style costumes before current need to revamp them all.

Bob Greenwade said...

Anon - That would be Elton John. The Bay City Rollers actually spelled out "Saturday" in their hit tune.

Rune said...

I was going to point out the Elton John / Bay City Rollers S A! T U R! D A Y! NIGHT!

But I see someone beat me too it.

And I had also heard Captain Marvels movie will be set in the nineties for two reasons, continuity and soundtrack purposes.

My suspicion is whatever she deals with twenty years ago either sends her so far away that relativistic speeds can't bring her back to the modern era until time for the Avengers 3 & 4 films, as this way they could avoid aging her. The Captain America movies already had the hero on ice thing, after all.

As to the other, meta reason, there is apparently a desire to get the "old music magic soundtrack" thing that GotG so enjoyed going on in the Captain Marvel movie as well, but to her own decades theme.

Mateus Honrado said...

From what I've heard, Captain Marvel is going to be set in the Nineties, not in the Eighties.

Bob Greenwade said...

Rilee - Cap was on ice in the comics. In that case it was only for 15 years (at the time of his unfreezing) rather than 50+, but it was there.

Doc Savage said...

There is only one Captain Marvel, he is friends with the wizard Shazam, and he is not getting a movie...what on earth are you talking about?

What is that city background? Very jarring with the foreground artwork.

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