Friday, August 18, 2017

Ghost Rider and Firestorm

One thing I liked about the last few JLA/JSA crossovers in the original run of Justice League of America was a budding romance between Firestorm and Power Girl.  For some reason the flirtation they had with one another seemed to be a victim of the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and was never mentioned again.

This cover comes from a suggestion by Marc Tyler Nobleman, comics historian and Patron of this blog.  Thanks, Marc!


Alaric Shapli said...

Heh. Two literal hotheads. Have you ever done a Firestorm/Firelord team-up?

Anonymous said...

Let me guess; Silver Deer and Snake Dance transfer their astral bodies? Firestorm becomes Ronnie Blaze and GR becomes Johnny Raymond?

Batman of Earth 13 said...

Who brought the marshmallows?

Cary Comic said...

President Von Schweet of Sugar Rush. ;-)

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