Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Phantom and Indiana Jones

This is a team up that I can actually see happening.  I can imagine Indiana Jones looking for an artifact in Bengali and getting mixed up in the conflicts of one iteration of the Phantom or another.  Is it too late to get Billy Zane involved with the next Indy flick?


Simreeve said...

"Why did it have to be octopusses?"

Bob Greenwade said...

..."I think it's 'octopi.'"
"I don't care what it is! Just get it off me!"

Very cool cover, Ross, and I agree that this is a natural team-up that could actually be done -- though I think it'd have to be a comic. It'd be an epic one, though.

PS: Looking through the archive, I find it mildly surprising that the Phantom has never been teamed up with the Shadow. That would make for a wonderful story, I think.

Carycomic said...

The movie adaptation would probably be entitled

"Revenge of the Break-dancing Octopus From GOONIES!"

(Rated PG-13)

Jay Johnson said...

The Phantom was my "gateway" newspaper strip (more than Dick Tracy or Steve Canyon) that moved me from the papers into the comic book world. I've tried to check out all the attempts to bring the character back and have been mostly disappointed. I really don't like the modernizing of the character in the recent "Kings" team mini-series from Dynamite (first Lothar and now Dale Arden's girlfriend?). Unfortunately, team-ups like this one with Indy may be the only way we'll ever see the real Ghost Who Walks again.

Bob Buethe said...

@Bob Greenwade: Together with Phantom Girl and Shadow Lass, maybe?


Anonymous said...

How about Ash Williams and the Rocketeer?*

*Starring the real Campbell Kids: Bruce and Billy.

Ken Roskos said...

"I'm trying to find Kit Walker, I need to return something to him."

"I see, what is it?"

"A skull."

Unknown said...

Great idea and execution, Ross.

I agree with Bob Greenwade; a Shadow/Phantom team-up would be epic.

Might I also suggest the Phantom and the Lone Ranger and the Phantom and Sherlock Holmes....

Anonymous said...

I recently read that Lee Falk's Phantom was part of a crossover story arc with the Mary Worth comic strip. Which makes me wonder how Batman might get along working a case with comic strip homicide detective Lt. Kerry Drake.*

*They could be both be investigating the disappearance of young Tim. ;-D

Anonymous said...

Jay, the "real" phantom is still being published in newspapers worth Kings syndication(including online daily strips) and also published in comic book form by FREW publications www.phantomcomic.com.au.

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