Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Han Solo and Rocket Raccoon in: "Search for the Stolen Smugglers!"

Han and Rocket first crossed paths in STF #1488... and this adventure is not over yet - make sure you stop by tomorrow for the thrilling conclusion!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was another fun night at the movies. My opinion may change after more viewings, but after seeing it once, I'd have to say that I would rank it below the first installment.  I thought some of the more juvenile humor fell a bit flat and would have like to have seen a few more locales visited.  The soundtrack was cool but the first grabbed me a little more (again, something that may change once I see the movie again, I'm sure I will own the Blu Ray).  Still, I loved the addition of Mantis and all of the great comic book visuals like Gamora holding a gigantic gun and Ego in planet form.  The (POST-CREDIT SPOILER HERE) tease of the original Guardians was great, I want a movie with just them now!


Anonymous said...

The comic book Mantis was a lot better. Hopefully, movie Gamorra can remedy that by teaching her to be more bad-ass. As for this morning's cover? I would wager that the missing partners are being kept in an Imperial counterpart of the infamous Star's End Prison!

David Welsh said...

I saw it twice on opening weekend. The first I was surrounded by children, and the second by adults. I noticed that that laughs from both groups were at different parts. The juvenile humor played really well with the younger audience members, so it seems to me that Gunn did a great job balancing the story elements for mass appeal.

Mark Heimback-Nielsen said...

Considering Disney owns both franchises, this could eventually be a real thing! :)

Anonymous said...


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