Saturday, May 6, 2017

Man-Thing enters The House of Mystery

I was looking over some previews of the newest Man-Thing series and was surprised to see him speaking.  I'm not sure how I feel about that change.  Yes, it probably makes the character a lot easier to write for, but I worry that it will make him seem even closer to Swamp Thing.  I used to like that Man-Thing was mute, it made him seem scarier and more like a force of nature.  Still, I can't judge from a couple of pages, maybe the new take works well.


Ken said...

I agree, he shouldn't speak, for the same reasons you say.

Anonymous said...

This pairing works for the same reason he shouldn't speak, Man-Thing at his beast was a backdoor anthology. He framed the tale at hand.

Carycomic said...

First off: great job with today's cover! Though the originating artists might have been Gil Kane and Neal Adams, you also seemed to have channeled a little bit of the late, great Joe Kubert, as well. :-)

Secondly: I agree with you about the Man-Thing being at his best when he's mute. It might've made for a nice "What If...? story gimmick back in Marvel's Silver Age. But, introducing it into their modern canon would be a bigger travesty than that Roger Cormanized TV-movie adaptation for Syfy Channel!

Anonymous said...

What you guys all said.

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