Sunday, September 25, 2016

Justice League of America Vs. The Dark Phoenix in: "Burn Notice!"

I'm wondering what sort of headquarters the cinematic Justice League will end up having.  I assume it will be a Bruce Wayne-funded establishment - but will  it be hidden in a cave or public in a Hall of Justice?  I'd love to see a satellite, but that would mean introducing teleportation tech to the DCEU... although with Mother Boxes and Boom Tubes in existence, is it really that much of a leap?

The Justice League has faced off against The Dark Phoenix in the past - first in STF #229, and then again in STF #409...


Carycomic said...

Well, at least half of my wish (from STF #1623) came true. Thanks, Ross! :-)

Anonymous said...

With all due respect--and deepest apologies--to the Youngbloods:

"Come on, people, now. Smile on this author.
Everybody, get together, and submit some
More comments, right now. Right now!

Idea Man 2 said...

Well, I've actually been waiting for a day without many comments so I could make a suggestion completely unrelated to the day's cover.

I'm sure you remember the silver age comics when the jla would be matched against their earth 3 equivalents or had their appearances changed by magic or technology, or some similar gimmick.
I'd love to see this happen with Roger Hargreaves' Mr. Men.

Crisis in Earth-MR:

Superman/Mr. Strong
Flash/Mr. Rush
Elongated Man/Mr. Tickle
Zatanna/Little Miss Magic
Atom/Mr. Small

That sort of thing

Anonymous said...

Holy Richard Scarey, Mr. Batman! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Anon 3, do you (or your autocorrect) mean Richard Scarry, or is there another reference that I've missed?

Anonymous said...

It was a pun on Richard Scarry, Anon 4.

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