Thursday, September 22, 2016

Supergirl and Kitty Pryde

As much as I enjoyed Supergirl last season, I think this year promises to be even more fun.  Now that she will share the same world as the rest of the CW shows (thanks, I think, to The Flashpoint storyline on The Flash), a whole new world of storytelling possibilities opens up.  I am especially looking forward to the 4-part crossover that will encompass all 4 shows.


gfoyle said...

Love the Excalibur Kitty Pryde. Great cover as usual.

Jonathan Linneman said...

Great cover! On the TV front, it's the musical Flash-Supergirl crossover that has me most intrigued. And...if we get a unified DC world with all of those characters and there's STILL no Green Lantern to be found, it'll be a mini-tragedy.

Arex said...

I love the idea of this teamup. But just to nitpick: Supergirl shouldn't really be flying in Kandor (without a device), should she? :-)

Carycomic said...

What I'm looking forward to, especially, is the actual face-to-face meeting between her and the Man of Steel. The trailer I saw on TV last night seemed to strongly hint at that!

As to this morning's cover? Suitably chilling. Makes me wonder if Kitty's phasing power might have been unwittingly neutralized by proximity to the Phantom Zone portal.

Wild Card said...

Arex, you forget: Kara has a Legion flight ring. Nothing says that she doesn't use it when visiting Kandor.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think this would make for a great tie-in with STF #1064!

I can see it, now. The Wasp was in Kandor, looking to borrow the Phantom Zone projector for use against the Phoenix Force (during 2012's AvX story arc), but was prevented from doing so by Hank "the Beast" McCoy. Perhaps, even by posing as the accident-prone Gnort Gneesmacher (power ring and all)!

Anyway, she gets zapped into the PZ; the Avengers don't like that; and take it out on Superman. He subsequently captures the Beast and zaps him into the PZ, instead. Thereby getting Jan back, in the process. But, now, the X-men are pee'd off!

So, Kitty Pryde tries her luck. Unfortunately, for her, though, her phasing powers make her too similar to the wraith-like state of the PZ's inhabitants. So, the computer controls on the projector do some kind of auto-correct (or whatever you want to call it) and enhance her "re-solidification."

Result: suspenseful cliff-hanger for part 1!

Simreeve said...

Just a thought: What if the story that we've been told for so many years about the origin of Vandal Savage is only half-true, perhaps because his own memories of that origin were scrambled by its events? What if the 'meteorite' that supposedly empowered him was actually a spacecraft bringing him to Earth, either into exile from his original homeworld as the punishment for crimes committed there or by his own choice as a way of escaping worse punishment? And so what if, although less powerful here than a later-born member of his people (or just one who hadn't arrived here after the events of that voyage) would be, he's actually 'Vand-Al, Lost Son of Krypton'?

Carycomic said...

@Simreeve: That's an even cooler idea! In fact, Ross could even consolidate these two ideas into Vandal Savage and the Phoenix Force forming a symbiotic matrix a la Firestorm:

"Enter...The Savage Phoenix"

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