Saturday, September 3, 2016

Firebrand and Medusa

Continued from yesterday's cover, we now learn the connection that Firebrand had been hiding.

I have always thought that Medusa was one of the more appealing Marvel super-heroines.  Not only is she royalty and has a cool power, her giant, constantly-moving head of hair keeps her visually interesting.  I can't wait for Marvel to figure out their cinematic Inhumans plans so that we can have a live action version.


Richard said...

Would Dannette O'Rielly be an inhuman, but not Rod, the first Firebrand?

Richard said...

Amusingly, this reminds me of the cover of Fantastic Four #145, which showed Medusa and Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, fighting snow giants, and was advertised in other comic books.
Years later, tracked down the issue and saw it was continued, so that meant getting the continuation to see how Medusa and the Torch fared.
I was actually disappointed to see the Thing showed up 'to save the day'.

That was back when the Thing was considered a major draw, like Wolverine and the mutants became.

Richard said...

Yea, Medusa was one of the more visually appealing heroines. I remember someone once broke down heroic powers in the Legion of Superheroes based on effectiveness in battle; Lightning Lad or Sun Boy in comparison to Phantom Girl and Dream Girl.

Guys had more direct powers in comparison to the females. Completely by chance, Medusa was given the most notable power of virtually all those first Inhumans; Karnak with the karate chop, Gorgon the stomper, Black Bolt's unspeakable voice (in the silent medium of comic books), and Triton's water powers (again in comic books).

Probably had something to do with her taking Sue's place in the Fantastic Four. I always felt she should have joined the Defenders.

Ed said...

Firebrand was a great hero back in the All Star Squadron days, it's a shame she was killed off panel, the character deserved more. When Booster Gold was a Time Master, I imagined a story where Firebrand wasn't killed, but was lost in time. Booster saves her, falls in love, and they conceive Rip Hunter. Feel free to use that if you like.

Anonymous said...

...or for a really hairy adventure, Medusa and Godiva.

Maybe vs. Conan the Barbarian. "Phew, said the one of the heroes, I thought you said the barber."

Carycomic said...

@Ed: who's to say he didn't? He could have saved a young girl named Carol Vance Martin from the same forest fire that killed her parents, during a 1920's camping trip. He leaves her on the Reillys' doorstep, and they subsequently adopt her as a sister for their only son, Rod. Years later, she finds out that her biological parents were expatriate Inhumans who objected to Terrigen Mist exposure on religious grounds. And the forest fire was the pyrokinetic fault of some overzealous disciple of King Agon's who ordered them fetched back!

Ed said...

Sounds like a story Cary.

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