Monday, April 4, 2016

The Shadow and Captain America

I have enjoyed the adventures of The Shadow in film and print form, but my favorite memories of the character are from the classic radio dramas that he was featured in.  We used to listen to those as kids when we would go on camping trips.  With his ability to cloud men's minds, he was the perfect character for those audio mysteries.


gfoyle said...

My 7 kids loved the audio plays as well. I got a bunch of older titles and we would listen on long drives, the Shadow was the favorite along with Suspense!

Ross said...

There were 7 of us kids in our family as well - we were also fans of Mystery Theater, hosted by E.G. Marshall. I've been re-listening to those on Youtube lately, sure brings back memories.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Damn fine cover Ross as usual, but the imagery of Cap's shield burning and in pieces with the Shadow looking on, looking very pissed. Beautiful.

Count me in as another kid who listened to some of those old Shadow broadcasts, as I found some of my grandmother's old Shadow tapes when shew died and listened to them. Damn, they really knew how to sell a story back then didn't they? Still my favorite part was the whole "Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS....."

Ross said...

Thanks, Dale!

Anonymous said...

I remember, a couple years back, buying one of the Dynamite adaptations of the Shadow. And these two teenage Millenials go:

"Dude! Who's the Shadow?"

"I don't know. Never heard of him!"

So I promptly explained (as politely as possible) how he was created by an ex-stage magician named Walter Gibson for a radio show back in the Thirties. Followed by a Street and Smith pulp magazine. And how--along with Zorro--he served as Kane and Finger's inspiration for DC's Batman. To which they replied (with only thin-disguised boredom):

"Oh! Okay. Thanks, dude."

Ah, the jadedeness of today's youth. :-(

Bob Buethe said...

I've got about 100 radio episodes of The Shadow stored on my phone to listen to while I'm driving. Not to mention the Blue Beetle, the Green Lama, the Lone Ranger, and the Adventures of Superman. There are thousands of old-time radio programs downloadable for free at

Glenn said...

I wonder if this occurs before after Steve's marriage to Wonder Woman in Roos-verse? I have dozens of Shadow cassettes but need to transfer them since car no longer has a tape player.

Ross said...

Cap got better.

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