Friday, April 1, 2016

Robocop and Futurama

The sign of a good animated series is whether the episodes stand up to repeated viewings. Futurama definitely succeeds when it comes to that metric.  The shows are so packed with verbal and visual gags that I can enjoy visiting them again and again. Certain episodes like "The Problem with Popplers" are so perfect that I have seen them several times over and they still manage to make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

My 2nd favorite episode--after the series premiere--was the one where all the male cast members are being held prisoner by a tribe of extra-terrestrial Amazons. They're sentenced to death by "poom-poom" (or however it was pronounced). And they start screaming with mixed emotions after seeing a bunch of chained-up skeletons...with broken posteriors.

Ross said...

Snoo Snoo, if memory serves!

Kid Charlemagne said...

CAUTION: The image-hosting service I am using for these pix will sometimes show ads below the pix, some of which might be found offensive by some readers. YMMV.

Two pictures by Nebezial, which I found on DeviantArt.

Speaking of snoo-snoo, Kara seems a bit savvier about the popular culture of Patriarch's World than Diana.

Bonus: Kara, Diana, and Barda go shopping.

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