Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sub-Mariner Vs. Green Lantern

New on DC's Green Lantern Corps movie is very slow to trickle out, but this week we did get one more tidbit:  Kyle Rayner will be joining Hal Jordan and John Stewart on the big screen, with Jordan being an mentor type to the younger recruits.  I prefer Hal and John to be contemporaries, but that set up can still work.  I just hope that we still get to see a lot of alien lanterns in addition to the humans.


Jonathan Linneman said...

I don't know why I remain so optimistic about DC superhero movies, but I do. I hope that by the time GLC is made, they will have gotten enough feedback regarding the other films in the universe that a nice formula will have been found.

I have to admit that I'm afraid this is all leading up to Hal becoming Parallax and committing genocide, though.

AirDave said...

Great cover! That looks like it could be an exciting, fun story!

I have actually given up on DC's live action. They want to make movies for adults. That's fine. I don't want to be an adult when I go see a comic book superhero movie. I guess maybe that's why I like more of the Disney/Marvel superhero movies.

Carycomic said...

I just finished reading the DC/IDW trade paperback "Green Lantern/Star Trek: Last Light." Fantastic! Although, I still prefer the pre-COIE Nekron. He's definitely a lot creepier looking as a giant _yellow_ skeleton!

Carycomic said...

P.S.---Hey, Ross! Have you given any consideration to a Spidey/Tick team-up?

Ross said...

I heard you the first 3 times, Cary - just as with any suggestion, maybe!

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