Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Atom and Nightcrawler

I thought that Nightcrawler provided some of the best superhero movie action ever in X2: X-Men United, so I am glad that the character is finally being brought back in this Summer's X-Men: Apocalypse.  I hope we will see more of Kurt Wagner's carefree personality this time around.  I enjoyed Alan Cumming's take, but his Nightcrawler was pretty sullen for most of the film.


Anonymous said...

Well, with all due respect, Ross, that's pretty much how I remember Nightcrawler's initial depiction during Chris Claremont's reign. Fun-loving, outside! Introspective behind closed doors.

Sort of what Smokey Robinson sang about in "Tears Of A Clown."

As for this cover? Suitably swashbuckling. Bravo! :-)

Alaric said...

Brilliant! Makes me wonder what "Sword of the Atom" would have been like taking place in a village of Bamfs.

Unknown said...

I always loved the swashbuckling aspect of Nightcrawler. Teaming him up with the "Sword of the Atom" version of the Atom was brilliant!

I enjoyed the Burroughesque aspect of "Sword of the Atom", but looking back, it was a pretty strange twist for a superhero character to take. Ah... comics in the eighties!

Bob Greenwade said...

And a sworded tale this is, too! #BadPunNoCookie

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